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Your Tax & Financial Planning Professionals

Local Expertise to Maximize Your Savings

It's hard to get around paying taxes. Our local knowledge and experience can help guide you through the process to minimize your tax burden and maximize your savings. We understand the value of keeping your hard-earned money, and can help you establish a long-term plan to build your assets and welcome the next chapter with confidence.

Independent Guidance for What Matters Most

Independent Guidance for What Matters Most

As trusted fiduciaries, we help guide you towards your goals with the flexibility to use the products and tools we think will best fit your needs. This independent approach gives you the confidence to pursue your goals knowing that we're not incentivized to use certain products along the way.

We’re Always Here for You

We’re Always Here for You

We know how frustrating it can be to not hear back from your team when you have a question or concern. That’s why we strive to make ourselves easily accessible whenever you need to get in touch. When you call us, you can expect an answer or a prompt call back. You’re also welcome to stop by our office to chat at any time.

Our Confident Foundation

As your trusted independent and fiduciary advisors, we work hard to help you build a confident future with personalized, efficient service and easy accessibility whenever you have a question.

Independent & Fiduciary

Backed by a knowledgeable team, our thorough fiduciary process enables you to keep what you’ve earned with trusted advisors who always aim to make your best interests a priority.

Building a Confident Future

We understand your concerns about life stage transitions before and during retirement. We’ve helped hundreds of clients see their finances clearly and welcome the next chapter with confidence.

Personalized, Efficient Service

We blend the thorough, personalized service only a regional firm can provide with institutional resources and support. We’re easily accessible so you can keep momentum toward your goals in life.

Integrated Financial Plans

From tax advisors to a medicare specialist, and from financial planning to insurance and protection, we tailor and apply solutions along the full financial spectrum for clients and their families.

Navigating Local Taxes With Confidence

Navigating Local Taxes With Confidence

As part of JL Financial Services, American Tax and Lorain County Tax preparers have decades of experience helping you understand and navigate any taxes you may owe, including RITA. We’re familiar with the complexities of local tax laws and will closely collaborate to help you file on time and minimize what you owe.

Need Help with RITA Tax Services?

From navigating local tax laws to maximizing your savings, learn more about how our dedicated team can help you pursue your goals. 

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Our Approach

Our local expertise allows us to customize your financial plan while minimizing your tax burden.

Our Approach

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At JL Financial, we're dedicated to easing your concerns about not having enough money to pursue your desired lifestyle.

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